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Didn't Receive Tickets?
If you haven't received the tickets you purchased, this is usually due to a typo in the email address.
• Check which site is managing your ticket order by following the same link you used to purchase the tickets.
• If the tickets are managed by Eventbrite, there will be a "View event on Eventbrite" link in the description below the particular event in Edmtrain. If so, please take a look at this page for getting your tickets:
Eventbrite Support
Attending an event ->
Tickets, receipts, & wristbands ->
Typed wrong email address ->
'Read More'
(if the organizer doesn't respond, you can contact Eventbrite support by clicking 'I still need help' instead)
• If the tickets are managed by a site other than Eventbrite, please check for a support link on their website.